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About Us

Claire Harvey MBE

I bring years of public sector, regulatory, corporate and third sector leadership experience, and an impressive record of impact and achievement through positive disruption and culture change. My passion is the future of work; working with both schools, universities and corporate workplaces, I hope to ensure that young people are ready to be great leaders of the future in organisations that have positive cultures. 


Coupled with a fascinating sporting record as a Paralympian, my personal and career journey provide a powerful credibility and capability to influence culture in organisations that few others can. My strong interpersonal skills combine with my style as a pro-active and personable leader to empower individuals to take ownership and implement meaningful change for themselves and their organisations. 

I started my career within the criminal justice system, notably as a Prison Governor, managing a resettlement prison and as a riot commander. I went on to work as Young Adult Offender Policy Lead in the Ministry of Justice, making radical and significant improvements to the system. I also took on the role as the Equality and Diversity Lead, realizing the power that culture plays in behaviours and organisational performance. I reimagined my career and joined the FSA (the UK financial regulator) as Head of Corporate Responsibility and Culture; embedding inclusion and positive culture into the supervisory framework.


As Head of Inclusive Leadership at KPMG, I led the implementation of a new culture strategy, drove proportional representation in decision making and realigned the staff networks to add value to the strategy implementation. Within 18 months, the organisation rose over 300 places in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index to 10th and was in the top tier of all of equality benchmarks (gender, race and ethnicity). I was also privileged to lead the development of the Global UN Women’s Equality Principles toolkit, working with global NGOs, UN Women and global corporations to create a toolkit that met the needs of all stakeholders and accelerated progress in a meaningful but flexible way.  

Realising my passion for future leaders and the impact education can have, in 2017 I took on the wavering charity Diversity Role Models and within an 18-month period, turned it around to be financially stable, increasing reach and winning awards for its work in embedding empathy into the next generation.


Since becoming a consultant, I have been honoured to work with large global organisations, small startups and government bodies on a wide range of programmes from bitesize training sessions, culture reviews to leadership development programmes. I have also been able to  further develop my work in schools and universities; aiming to help them provide the skills and experiences that young people need to be ready for the future of work. Giving back is also very important to me, so i am actively involved in 3 charities, run a workstream in a Global Alliance and also provide at least 1 training session free per month to organisations and community groups that would otherwise not be able to access my services.


From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for your organization. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

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